High Plains Brewhoff 2016

More beer, more music, and more festival await at the 3rd Annual High Plains BrewHoff, the first and greatest homebrewing competition in The Buffalo State.

Your free ticket is your passport to sample and judge nearly 100 hand-crafted beers that may never be available again. And when you choose the victor of the competition, they’ll ride to the glory of Manhattan, KS, where Tallgrass Brewing Company will scale up the winning recipe to serve at their exclusive taproom!

live music Whiskey for the Lady
Join the party
Compete for Glory (and beer)

High Plains Brewhoff 2016

9 24  16 | 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Old Downtown Overland Park, KS


Come Prepared

This free festival depends on your support! Show your discerning taste and style, and help keep craft beer growing in KC.

T-Shirt: $18
Official Judge’s Tulip Glass: $20

Swing by BrewLab to pre-order your shirt and glass, and qualify for an official invite to the High Plains Brewhoff.